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Piperazine is a drug that belongs to the family of medicines called anthelmintics. These meds were used to treat worm infections by paralyzing the worms to pass through the body easier. However, in the past few years Ecstasy manufacturers have found that Piperazine, especially Benzylpiperazine, is a cheap alternative to MDMA for making Ecstasy as seen below. In certain doses the drug will taste like Ecstasy and give a high. Its sale is illegal in the United States. The Internet creates a gateway to accessing drugs that are banned here. If a person took 50 mg to 200 mg of BZP, the user may experience feelings of euphoria, amazement, well-being, energy and an enhanced appreciation of music. However, afterward there would be a feeling of depression, confusion, decreased appetite and insomnia. Those who attempted to purchase Ecstasy and received pills with BZP felt as though they had been given fake drugs or ripped off. Below are Ecstasy pills made with the BZP.

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