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Cultural Competence Resource Committee (CCRC) 

Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (KernBHRS) recognizes that community involvement is an essential component in the planning and implementation of culturally competent programs and services. The Cultural Competence Resource Committee (CCRC) was established to ensure that KernBHRS recognizes, respects, and addresses in its delivery of recovery-oriented services the unique needs, worth, thoughts, communication, actions, customs, beliefs, and values that reflect the consumer’s racial, ethnic, religious, social groups, or sexual orientation.


The CCRC also assists management with the continuous development of improved recovery oriented mental health and substance abuse services to our culturally diverse populations. Furthermore, the CCRC identifies and evaluates culturally competent trainings, monitors the implementation of the KernBHRS Cultural Competence Plan, and reviews policies and procedures involving cultural competence.


KernBHRS recognizes the need for continual recruitment for this committee and the challenges faced in doing so. Thus, a goal of the CCRC is to recruit members that represent the community at large including cultural brokers, consumers, family members, staff, contractors, and interested community volunteers. The CCRC strives to incorporate within the committee, individuals with cultural competence expertise, and to reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of the population of Kern County.

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The CCRC holds ongoing meetings every third Thursday of the month.

2022 CCRC Meeting Schedule

2022-23 Subcommittee Meeting Schedule

Committee Member Description Form


Check out the FY 21-22
Cultural Competence Plan

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The Compass

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Be sure to check out the new edition

of The Compass

by the Culture Competence team.


The newest edition focuses on “age” - the addressing model.  

Check out the March 2022 edition here

For an questions or input related to Cultural Competence, send an email to
the KernBHRS Cultural Competence Team at


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