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The pandemic has forced many people to isolate from family and other loved ones. It’s very important that people know it’s OK to feel whatever they’re feeling and that resources are available.


We hope that these murals will inspire the community for years to come and provide a safe place to appreciate the artwork, self-reflect on their own wellness needs and connect as a community.

The project includes four public murals throughout Bakersfield, designed and installed by local art group Creative Crossing Co-Create.


The murals are selected to highlight a specific mental health topic and its importance in our community.

caring for kern, 2021

Minami Perales and Christopher Perez

KernBHRS Administration Courtyard, 2001 28th Street, Bakersfield, CA

Mario Gonzalez, Deja Nunez, Christopher Perez and Vina Nguyen

Joy of reading, 2021

BCSD Education Center,
1300 Baker Street
Bakersfield, CA