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Usually I will add a picture to these articles of the latest drug, so that when you see it you will recognize it. However, with this drug, I was only able to locate pictures of what the drug does to the human body. Because of the graphic nature of these pictures I am reluctant to submit one with this article. Krokodil is a drug that has been ripping through people in Russia and has created a state of concern for the United States. Those creating this drug in Russia have adopted the American methamphetamine manufacturing methods when transforming codeine into a narcotic called Desomorphine. Codeine tablets are still available over‐the‐counter in Russia, although there is discussion of this changing due to the Krokodil drug. Desomorphine is said to be 6‐10 times more powerful than heroin. The drug appears to be much like heroin in its effect, its withdrawal and its intravenous route of use. Its street name is Krokodil because when injected the site turns scaly and green. However, the drug provides the euphoria and the numbness necessary for the user to continue use. Use of this drug has led to addiction, amputations, infection and death. The withdrawals from the drug are painful and encourage the user to continue the use to avoid the pain. The Medtox Journal on Drug Abuse Recognition reports there are an estimated 2 million Krokodil users in Russia and other parts of Europe where the drug is easy to obtain and costs less than heroin. The emergency rooms are finding it more common to receive patients with exposed bones and dried up muscle tissue. Due to the Internet market for drug use, the United States drug experts are watching this drug closely.

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