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Ecstasy/ Sextasy/ Trail Mix

New Ways to Administer Ecstasy:

  • Candy flipping – using LSD with ecstasy

  • Flower flipping/Hippy flipping – using mushrooms with ecstasy

  • Elephant flipping – using PCP with ecstasy

Sextasy/ Trail Mix

Ingesting a mixture of Ecstasy and other pills is anoptional practice for achieving specific highs. Ecstasy (a drug with stimulant and hallucinogenic effects) and Viagra (a prescription drug for erectile dysfunction) are being used in acombination known as “sextasy” or “trail mix” (see photoabove). Together these substances produce a synergicreaction as the effects of both drugs increase significantly overthe taking of either individually. Users attempt to avoid or reduce potential impotency side effects of ecstasy in order to increase sexual performance and functioning. Even without sexual behaviors, the mixture of these two drugs may produce severe side effects. One of the most well known and frequent is “priapism,” a condition in which an erection can last for four hours, and may lead to permanent damage. The most current research involving these two drugs took place in San Francisco where researchers found that about 43% of gay men surveyed were using ecstasy in combination with Viagra.

Speaking to a friend recently, I was made aware of somenew and startling drug using behaviors. My friend explained,“Some people now use Ecstasy pills by inserting them into the anus, a practice called “boufing.” Being unfamiliar, I conducted some research. No information was located concerning “boufing,” however, I did locate a similar practice called “plugging.” To my surprise, the National Institute onDrug Abuse (NIDA) website contained no information on these practices. Some people speculate inserting the drug into the rectum allows a bypass of the liver thus, retaining drug potency. However, when drugs enter the blood stream these substances eventually passes through, and are metabolized int he liver, there is no avoiding this stage. It remains possible that speedier entry into the bloodstream occurs because the walls of the colon allow the substance to be absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream than the walls of the stomach.Some evidence suggests the effects will be stronger because by passing the stomach the drug avoids the body's usual digestive process. Complete guides exist on the Internet explaining exactly how to “plug.” A person under the influenceof Ecstasy experiences small exhilarating rushes often accompanied by nausea lasting about 20-40 minutes after tablet ingestion. Users experience peak effects about 60-90 minutes after ingestion and lasting up to 6 hours. Withdrawal and residual effects (feeling drained, burned out, depressed) may last up to 2 days resulting from serotonin depletion and the physical strain exerted on the users body.

By Christina Cornejo

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