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Earwax - Dabn Wax

It's not what you think. The use of "Earwax" or "Dabn wax" is being reported more and more. As seen in the picture above, Earwax is a form of concentrated marijuana hash oil and like the dried flower forms of marijuana, there are numerous names and flavors for these waxy preparations. You may hear users refer to them as "OG", "Bluedream", "Kryptonite", "Alien Dog" and so on. These waxes are prepared after the marijuana flower has been made into hashish. Then, a solvent is used to further purify the THC into an oil. The oil is then is infused into butter, cooking oil or even skin moisturizer and whipped into a wax "budder" which is then smoked, vaporized or mixed into foods for consumption. Often, it is sold in jars about the same size as used for facial creams.

Some companies are making it even easier to consume this highly concentrated product. As you can see in the photo below, Gpens can be used to vaporize and smoke a "dab" very much like the electronic cigarette is used to smoke tobacco. Even worse, demonstrations of its use are readily available to kids and adults on YouTube and other internet sites. Being familiar with these terms and images can help you identify its use and begin a very important conversation that may lead to a change.

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