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These thin vapor pens, called JuJu Joints, look like a black cigarette and have 250 milligrams of cannabis oil which is 150 hits. This is 4 times the amount in a regular joint. The JuJu Joint is disposable, it doesn’t need batteries or cartridges, and marketers say has no smoke and no smell. However, the public is beginning to make reports that there is smoke and smell enough to still be banned in bars. JuJu Joints are currently being sold in Washington State, where marijuana is legal, and plan to be sold in Colorado, Oregon and Nevada in the next year. Reports say 75,000 have been sold and the creator plans on selling another 500,000 this year. A NIDA-funded study showed an increased number of marijuana-positive Colorado drivers in fatal motor vehicle crashes since Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2009. This increase was not seen in the 34 states that didn’t legalize marijuana when this study was done. The number of those in alcohol related fatal car accidents did not change in either Colorado or the 34 then non-medical marijuana states. The study did not determine a cause and effect relationship, but it did show that both alcohol and marijuana alike impair driving. They are emphasizing the need for education about the effect of driving under the influence of all drugs

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