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Craze Workout Supplement

Recently, a supplement used to enhance workouts has been pulled from shelves due to amphetamine-like compounds being found in the supplement. CNN Health quoted a peer-reviewed study “The substance, called N,alpha-diethylphenylethylamine or N,a-DEPEA, has never been studied in humans”, according to Dr. Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. Cohen explained that the drug is considered a “cousin” to methamphetamine. "Criminal-chemists start with a known drug - in this case methamphetamine, then in their factory they start making little changes to it. Here, they pop a few extra carbon and hydrogen molecules onto it. But the main structure/backbone/skeleton of the drug remains the same.” He believes the company may have purchased the drug in bulk from a distributor that reported the drug was natural. Locally, the Bakersfield Californian also printed an article in the Health section on the supplement October 14, 2013. The article reported that the supplement was named 2012’s New Supplement of the Year by The article reports that several stores have stopped selling the supplement, however, GNC and sites on line were still providing the supplement to customers. The article also quoted Dr. Peiter Cohen warning, “Yes, it might make you feel better or have you more pumped during your workout, but the risks you might be putting your body under of heart attack and stroke are completely unknown.”

CNN Health October 14, 2013 Bakersfield Californian October 14, 2013

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