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Liquid Marijuana Gains in Popularity

Marijuana in all forms is extremely popular right now. The oil, which we’ve done an article on before, still has widespread us with the advent of vaping. Recently, a new form has emerged in the form of alcohol infused with marijuana. There are recipes on line of exactly how to create such a drink including one of New York bartender who accidentally created a cocktail after leaving hash oil in his car where it heated to 120 degrees and called it, the Green Dragon. Even Pinterest is posting Liquid Marijuana drinks that don’t contain marijuana but are green in color. An energy drink with Bob Marley’s image on it advertised its natural soothing qualities, however was removed after the company was reportedly sued by Marley’s family for trademark infringement.

INTERESTING FACT: Drugged driving is dangerous; the use of marijuana slows reaction time and decreases coordination. After alcohol, marijuana is the most commonly found drug in the drivers of motor vehicle accidents.

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