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25i - The New LSD

One can find numerous reports by teens of their experience with this new drug along with pictures of it on, a popular site for young people to post. One report described a euphoric trip with a dark at the core of the whole experience that was uncomfortable.

There is very little scientific information about 25i and what you can find often comes from emergency rooms or those using the drug. It is considered the new LSD and may also go by the names: Dime or NBOME. It is a hallucinogenic and sold on blotter paper but also snorted, inhaled, eaten in chocolate and taken in pill form.

Use results in hallucinations, euphoria and intensified emotions. A cluster of 5 overdoses was recently reported in Virginia in which it was reported that patients experienced depression, seizure activity, bleeding in the brain and heart failure. The fatal overdose by a teen in Minnesota was reported in June 2012. In October 2012, a 21-year old was given the drug at the Voodoo Festival in Arkansas and needed to be taken to the medical tent; within 30 minutes he had a seizure and never regained consciousness.

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