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Trauma-Informed Treatment Strategies

The article provided by Dr. Mee-Lee encouraged us to continuously improve our trauma-informed treatment of those we serve. There were simple strategies listed:

The 3 E’s of Trauma:

Event - There is an event/several events causing the reaction.

Experienced - The person sees these events as harmful and threatening.

Effect - The effects of the event on the person impacts them physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and socially.

The 4 R’s of Trauma Informed Cultures:

Realize - See the trauma and how much it has impacted.

Recognize - See the signs and symptoms and how it impacts the whole of the system.

Respond - By taking this knowledge and updating the way we do things.

Resist Retraumatization - Inform those we serve about routine procedures, make choices that take needs into consideration in treatment (providing female staff when needed, vice versa).

5 Core Components For Healing In All Services:

Safety: Client having a sense of safety in treatment.

Trust: When trust is violated repeatedly, this is not easy.

Collaboration: Creating hope & healing comes from working together with one another, and especially between the client and the counselor.

Choice: The individual has the choice in treatment for the pace and plan and even date and time of appointments.

Empowerment: The individual is finally able to feel a sense of power and healing from the limitations the trauma has given.

The Change Companies, Dr. David Mee-Lee’s Tips and Topics: November 2016

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