Program Descriptions


The West RAWC team's goal is to help client’s transition through the system of care and achieve their goals.  


Our role in the system is to either help the client transition to a higher level of care or transition to the community.  


This is achieved by providing

case management,


and psychiatric support.  


Case managers provide

skills to help clients improve,

linkage to services,

and monitor the client’s progress through the system.  


Therapy can either be individual or group.  We utilize support groups, activity groups, and skill groups.  


The psychiatric component includes the doctors prescribing medication as well as the nurse providing medication support.


The Stockdale RAWC has three primary roles:


  1. To help long term clients eliminate barriers to transitioning their Mental Health care to community providers,

  2. To assist persons with mild to moderate life impairments related to Mental Health issues return to work, school, meaningful life activities, obtain/sustain permanent housing, sobriety and if ongoing Mental Health treatment is needed, to a community provider.

  3. To assist clients who receive psychiatric medications to maintain their medication regimen.

Service type to achieve goals:

  • 1:1 therapy,

  • group therapy,

  • psychiatric services,

  • psychosocial rehabilitation,

  • nursing/medication management,

  • peer support,

  • case management.


Correctional Mental Health (CMH) provides rehabilitation services via intensive case management services, individual/group therapy, crisis intervention, and proper linkage services towards reintegration into the community with individuals incarcerated at Kern County Jail (Lerdo Pre-trial, Medium/Max, Minimum and Central Receiving Facility.

Forensics Conditional Release Program (CONREP)

The Forensic Conditional Release Program (CONREP) provides comprehensive mental health services to court-ordered clients.

CONREP functions as a supervisory agent and a mental health provider combined and its activity is monitored by the Department of State Hospitals, which contracts with the provider in each and every county to provide such services throughout California.  


Kern County CONREP serves clients from Kern, Mono, and Inyo Counties.


The team’s role is to serve court-ordered clients while ensuring greater public safety, with the goal of reduction of risk and prevention of re-offense.

Services provided include: 

  • Individual therapy/counseling;

  • group therapy;

  • case management;

  • urine toxicology screening;

  • home visit/search;

  • collateral contact;

  • and socialization activity 



The Northeast Brief Therapy Clinic assists clients who have at least one impairment in a life area. We provide services with the goal of reducing the effect of mental health symptoms on meaningful life goals (employment, parenting, relationships, engagement in tx. & self advocacy, whole person wellness, maintenance of mental health treatment regimen (medication, coping skills) for 3-9 months.


The Clinic assists persons with mild to moderate life impairments related to mental health issues in returning to work, school, meaningful life activities, obtain/sustain permanent housing, sobriety, and if ongoing mental health treatment is needed, referral to a community provider.