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The National Take Back Initiative

I thought it might be helpful to nonmedical staff to know how some of the narcotic drugs out there actually appear. Certain web sites offer an opportunity to type in the description of a pill by imprint, color, and shape. The web-link above provides the name of the medication. This is a handy tool for identifying pills when staff members encounter situations like, a client providing unknown medications or, when family or parents find pills in their homes, or children’s backpacks. I am including a chart of narcotic prescription drugs, on page 3 of this newsletter with names and pictures of a few common opioid and depressant medications.

This is not an all-inclusive chart, but may be a helpful start. The National Take Back Initiative began in Bakersfield on October 9th in Frazier Park. This initiative takes in all unwanted prescription drugs for destruction. The service is free and there are no questions asked. The Kern County Sheriff’s Office on Norris Road was also involved in Bakersfield, providing the same service. Illicit drugs were not a part of the take back. However, the impact of prescription drug abuse has been so devastating in Kern County that this service is encourages efforts to safe guard our community. I hope this is helpful.

Christina Cornejo, RS III MHSA Youth Wraparound

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