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This month, we’re going to inform you of something that may or may not be true but because it’s so serious, it needs to be shared. There are reports swirling around the Internet about Shamboiling (also called “bubbling” or “fuming”); allegedly a newer way of getting a hallucinogenic high. Reportedly, shampoo is brought to a boil in a pot (pictured above) at which time the fumes can be inhaled for a hallucinogenic experience. Supposedly, a 5-minute period of inhaling can produce a 2-hour high. A user-posted section of CNN called iReports recently published an article on this practice, identifying the active ingredient as ammonium lauryl sulfate and cited numerous risks including pneumonia, heart failure, aspiration (drowning in your own vomit), hearing loss, brain damage, liver damage and spasms in the limbs and sudden death. My research shows some support for the CNN article while other sites including call it an unsubstantiated hoax. It may be a risk or a rumor so keep an open mind.

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