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Powdered Caffeine

When an 18-year old young man died in Ohio recently and the autopsy report showed the cause of death being caffeine overdose, the drug caffeine suddenly became an ingredient of concern. Caffeine is a daily habit for most of us; never considering one could overdose from the ingredient in our favorite beverages. The 18 year old Logan Stiner was found by his mother dead on the floor in his home. Later, she reported finding several bags of powdered caffeine in the house. Stiner’s death prompted the FDA to issue a safety advisory regarding the powdered caffeine available for purchase online.

The recommended serving is 1/16 teaspoon, which is equivalent to 3 Red Bull Energy drinks at one time; a full teaspoon is the equivalent of drinking 50 Red Bulls at one time. The drug is used as a pick-me-up or a pre-workout pump. A caffeine overdose can cause the heart rate to increase and become erratic, and may result in seizure and vomiting.

Caffeine is the most popular psychoactive drug in the world. It’s considered psychoactive because of its mind-altering abilities. This article is to increase awareness, decrease harm and keep watch over the ones we love and care for around us. Be safe out there.

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