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Mephedrone - "Meow Meow"

Mephedrone is chemically like the Khat plant of eastern Africa, thus the street name “meow meow.” The locals in Africa chew the leaves to give themselves a high. This drug is one of the new problems seen in emergency rooms after people found themselves having a bad trip and realizing something went wrong. In September of 2011 the US classified Mephedrone an illegal drug. It is now sold as plant food via the internet; new designer drugs are labeled this way to avoid detection. The drug is a stimulant coming in the form of a powder which can be swallowed, snorted or injected. Its effects are like those of Ecstasy, amphetamines or cocaine: increased awareness, excitement, euphoria, talkativeness, grinding of the teeth and in some cases - psychotic symptoms. The onset of effects depends on how much a person takes and if they have eaten recently but can last for 2-3 hours followed by 1-4 hours of insomnia.

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