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Marijuana Shatter

Updated: Oct 23, 2017

Shatter is a form of marijuana wax created by using butane hash oil. It looks like peanut brittle. Shatter has an 80% THC level. Currently it is legal in the states of Colorado and Washington. Users are enjoying the ability to feel the effects faster and conceal it easier that marijuana. It currently retails for $60-$100 a gram. The route of ingestion is usually heated and inhaled from a vaporizer. Some have likened the difference between Shatter and marijuana being the difference between whiskey and beer. The DEA completed its 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment and reported that marijuana concentrates are becoming increasingly popular and the ability to easily ingest the drug with vaporizers are providing new challenges to law enforcement. An additional problem from pulling the butane hash-oil from marijuana is the possibility of explosion. “They get enough vapors inside the building and it goes off, and it’ll bulge out the walls,” reported Chuck Mathis, the fire marshal in Grand Junction.

New York Times January 17, 2015

Washington Post December 23, 2015

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