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Have you seen Molly?

This is a popular question lately. There is a lot of contradictory information out there about this drug. From my research it appears that Molly (short for molecule) is pure MDMA. And while this purity is difficult to find, those cut with other chemicals are considered Ecstasy. Because of the difficulty in finding the pure MDMA chemical, many are being sold Ecstasy, but being told it is a Molly. Madonna created much controversy when getting on stage and asking the same question, “How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?” The crowd went wild. She was criticized publicly by electronic dance icon Paul van Dyk stating, "The biggest mistake of her career. Madonna was so stupid to actually call out drug abuse in front of a crowd of 18-year-olds," says van Dyk. "This is not what our music is about. It's really counterproductive." But Madonna is not the only star supporting the use of Molly. Trinidad James, Kanye, Rihanna and Lil Wayne are making reference to the drug in their songs. For example in Rihanna’s “Diamonds”: “Palms rise to the universe, as we moonshine and Molly / Feel the warmth, we’ll never die / We’re like diamonds in the sky.”

Brittany Chambers, from Arizona, died celebrating her 16th birthday. She admits succumbing to peer pressure. Her mother discovered her lying, soaked, on the bathroom floor. Brittany had been drinking a huge amount of water, because an overwhelming thirst is a side effect of the drug. Doctors induced a coma when becoming concerned about brain swelling. Brittany never woke up, dying from water intoxication. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) considers MDMA to be a Schedule I controlled substance, which means it has a high potential for abuse, and no accepted use in medical treatment. MDMA can cause confusion, anxiety, depression, paranoia, sleep problems, muscle tension, tremors, teeth clenching, muscle cramps, nausea, faintness, chills, sweating, and blurred vision. Desired effects include decreased aggression and irritability, reduced insecurity, enhanced tactile sensations, and mild psychedelia. High doses of MDMA can interfere with one’s ability to regulate body temperature, thus creating a sharp increase in body temperature, leading to liver, kidney and cardiovascular failure. Severe dehydration can result from the drug’s effects and the crowded and hot conditions in which the drug is often taken.

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