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Drug Terminology

In the list below, I have listed some lingo and terminology frighteningly common among our teens as they stand cell phone in hand, facing an open medicine cabinet: “Got xbrs, vic, sktls kpc.” Translation: “Got xanibars, skittles, keeping parents clueless.” Your 16- year old may be attending a “pharm party” tonight, where each guest must pay the entry fee of pills. All the collected pills will be thrown into a bowl, where each guest will have an opportunity to have the thrill of grabbing some pills. The thrill comes from the inability to know what you are taking and in what mixture unless you are very experienced with pills.

Drug: DMX, (dex, skittles, robo, tussah, triple C’s, cordies)

Method of Ingestion: Swallowed

Drug Effects: Drunken feeling, hallucinations

Methods of Obtaining: In over the counter cold medications and cough syrups

Drug: Ritalin (kibbles & bits, pineapple)

Method of Ingestion: Swallowed or snorted

Drug Effect: Increased altertness and energy, euphoria

Method of Obtaining: From other kids who have prescriptions

Drug: Salvia divinorum (ska pastorum, sally-d, shepherdess herb)

Method of Ingestion: Smoked, chewed, ingested in liquid form

Drug Effect: Euphoria, loss of motor control

Method of Obtaining: Not illegal in U.S. Can be purchased from head shops and online

Drug: Vicodin, OxyContin, Percocet, Codeine

Method of Ingestion: Swallowed or injected

Drug Effect: Euphoria, feelings of well-being, drowsiness

Method of Obtaining: Stolen from medicine cabinet, purchased illegally online

Drug: Xanax (xanibar, monkey bars)

Method of Ingestion: Swallowed

Drug Effects: Euphoria, sluggishness

Method of Obtaining: Stolen from medicine cabinet, purchased

By Christina Cornejo-Felix

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