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Addictions Clinic

The System of Care has certainly proved its investment in the care of the people it serves as seen in ongoing and new and innovative services offered to address the specific needs of our clients. I am proud to announce our Adolescent Addictions Clinic. We have two psychiatrists, Drs. Monica Faria and Arvid Nguyen, providing Co-Occurring treatment every Tuesday afternoon at the Sagebrush Clinic. These psychiatrists are associated with the UCLA KERN Addiction Psychiatry and the UCLA KERN Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowships. The psychiatrists offer an open, accepting form of medication management while taking the client’s drug use, past or current, into consideration. The clients respond very well to this style of treatment and are open and willing to try medication management in place of self-medication with street drugs or alcohol. I have witnessed clients experience the kindness and non-judgmental style in which their psychiatry appointments are being conducted in the clinic as they discuss their drug use and the psychiatrists’ genuine interest into why they have decided or believed drugs were their only option at that time. I have witnessed the psychiatrists offer an alternative they were then willing to take. Clients and family are provided information regarding the effects of taking medications and drugs at the same time and the effects of discontinuing the drug use. Clients provide their own reasons to use and their own reasons not to use drugs and/or alcohol. The psychiatrists will also be sitting in on the RISE COD co-ed group offered at Sagebrush, where they will be providing information on the effects of drugs on physical health and mental health issues. If you would like to make a referral to the clinic please contact: Christina Cornejo-Felix at 868-8206.

Written by Christina Cornejo-Felix

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